AskMen invites you to win a date with Krewella’s JahanKrewella For Dylan 4

AskMen invites you to win a date with Krewella’s Jahan

If August 23rd has an empty spot in your schedule and you’re one of the legions of Krewella fans with the hots for Jahan, AskMen may just make your dreams come true. The site has arranged a contest for one lucky fan to win a date with the rocker (who agreed only as a dare), with entries judged by the whole Krew. To be considered, simply email explaining why you deserve the coveted spot. Though waxing poetic may do the trick, video entries are encouraged, so figure out how to profess your love via song, dance, or whatever else you think will woo the songstress. Whatever you do, do it fast – all submissions must be received by Monday, August 19, at 11:00 a.m. EST. If you’re not selected, fear not: The AskMen team also dared Rain Man to do karaoke on stage and Yasmine to rap on a street corner in the hopes of selling CDs. We dare them to record it.

Contest Details: Must be 21 years or older. Transportation to Los Angeles is NOT included. The contest winner will be notified at least 24 hours prior. The prize has no monetary value.

Source: AskMen

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