Deadmau5 teams up with Space InvadersDeadmau5 Gramatik 3

Deadmau5 teams up with Space Invaders

No this isn’t another SoundCloud burst, but Deadmau5’s latest announcement does ring of something exploding. Live Nation Merchandise, the mau5’s official licensing and merchandising agent, has just signed a deal with DHX Media on behalf of the ever-popular video game Space Invaders, wedding the two brands in cross-promotion harmony.

Though the fruits of this union have yet to be specifically laid out, the press release details a “co-brand license agreement” to be kicked off this winter.

deadmau5 and Space Invaders have teamed up to create a lifestyle brand crossing a myriad of categories launching in the high-end and specialty markets,” the release states, going on to discuss how the collaboration will fuse two icons in an innovative new partnership.

The release was mum on specific details, but since Joel has been there done that on the Space Invaders tattoo, possibilities range from merchandise to visuals, video game cameos to advertisement scoring and anywhere else the two brands happen to dabble. Keep your eyes peeled for candid shots of Mau5 with a happy green friend, and stay tuned for more info – maybe the co-brand will take a page out of Neff’s book and send one lucky winner into space.

Source: Mixmag

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