Fatboy Slim opens new Big Beach Cafe in hometownFatboy Slim1

Fatboy Slim opens new Big Beach Cafe in hometown

Brighton hometown hero Norman Cook, or internationally touring DJ Fatboy Slim, has ventured outside the realm of electronic music and into the risky food business. Back in June, he opened up the Big Beach Cafe in his seaside hometown of Brighton, in hopes he’s able to “cement [his] relationship with the community” and give something valuable back. The space of the cafe was formerly an all-vegan spot, so at the very least, some patrons may just be thankful to find non-vegan options after a day at the beach. Norman seems to know the market — he went to school in Brighton, brings the Big Beach Boutique shows to the shores of Brighton every year, and rather than focusing on an upscale establishment, knows the cafe culture is what lies at Brighton’s core.

via The Guardian

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