Saints Row IV features dubstep gun, Mad Decent radio station, and Bloody Beetroots premiereSaints Row IV Bo Art 03

Saints Row IV features dubstep gun, Mad Decent radio station, and Bloody Beetroots premiere

The no-holds-barred Saints Row video game series is back, August 20th, with another installment. Besides being known for gratuitous violence, crude humor, and unpredictable plot turns, the franchise’s first-rate music licensing, especially in dance music, adds another quintessential element. In years past, Kanye West, Deadmau5, My Chemical Romance, Rusko and Benny Benassi have soundtracked the mayhem. For Saints Row IV, audio designers like Brandon Bray had the challenging task of licensing tracks eight months ahead of release. Bray comments:

“We’re trying to figure out, ‘Well, what’s going to be popular? What’s going to be good eight months from now?’ It’s an interesting process because one, we’re privy to songs that may or may not have been released yet, and two, we need to make sure that what we’re going to be licensing will be relevant by the time our game comes out.”

Between Mad Decent 106.9 and K12 97.6’s tracklists, I think they hit the nail on the head. Diplo, Dillon Francis, GTA, Datsik, Flux Pavilion and many more will take over the airwaves of  Steelport – the game’s retro-futuristic dystopia. That’s not all, folks. SR IV techs are also thrilled to introduce their signature weapon – the dubstep gun.

Dubstep Gun

As much as we’d like to wield this machinery in real life, I’m willing to settle for my Xbox 360 controller. In the works since Saints Row III, technicians from every department collaborated to make this dream a reality. The advanced system couples WAV files with markers. Pulling the trigger associates certain WAV files to work in conjunction with visual effects. Other markers are in tune with the environment, like causing pedestrians to dance. Cool.

Mad Decent 106.9

After also considering Fool’s Gold, the SR IV team decided Mad Decent’s roster was more indicative of their franchise’s tone and humor. I’m sure Riff Raff’s eccentric banter as host and DJ will fit right in. See this radio station’s stellar cast below. Brandon Bray on the partnership:

Saints Row is an everything but the kitchen sink kind of sandbox game, and Mad Decent, as far as their stable of artists, they are everything but the kitchen sink as far as a music label goes. They’ve got every kind of style of music that you could listen to, and they’ve got a huge following. They’re not as mainstream as some other labels, but they have a handful of artists that are extremely popular. Their fans are the kinds of fans that we want checking out Saints Row for sure.

Track List (DJ: Riff Raff)

Bonde Do Role (ft. Ce’cile) – “Brazilian Boys”

Clockwork – “Titan”

Dillon Francis – “I.D.G.A.F.O.S.”

Dillon Francis (ft. Simon Lord) – “Messages”

Diplo (ft. Nicky Da B) – “Express Yourself”

DJ Snake (ft. Alesia) – “Bird Machine”

Djemba Djemba – “I Just Go”

ETC!ETC! and Brillz – “Swoop”

ETC!ETC!, Brillz and Diplo (ft. Whiskey Pete) – “Bueller”

GTA (ft. DJ Funk) – “Booty Bounce”

Jahan Lennon – “Can’t Ruin My Fun”

LIZ (ft. RiFF RAFF) – “Underdogs”

RiFF RAFF – “Rookie Of The Year”

Three Loco – “Beer”

Toadally Krossed Out (ft. RiFF RAFF) – “Cray”

Yellow Claw – “W.O.L.F.”

Zeds Dead – “Demons”

K12 97.6

Saints Row‘s K12 station has a history. As the “dirtiest K12 [they’ve] ever had,” 97.6 will bring the gritty bass music of Datsik, Nero, and Doctor P to the open world action. Interestingly enough, Bloody Beetroots has worked specifically with SR IV to release an exclusive track. “The Source” will premiere officially with Saints Row IV.

Track List (DJ: Lauri Hendler as Jane Valderama)

Alex Metric – “Prophecies”

Apashe – “Eat My Apple”

Congorock – “Ivory (Bloody Beetroots Mix)”

Datsik – “Bonafide Hustler”

Datsik and Excision – “Vindicate”

Doctor P – “Flying Spaghetti Monster”

Flux Pavilion – “Blow the Roof”

Gigamesh (ft. Jana Nyberg) – “All My Life”

Junkie XL – “Giraffe”

Kill Paris – “Slap Me”

Nero – “Promises”

The Bloody Beetroots – “The Source”

The Knocks & Fred Falke – “Geronimo”

Vitalic – “Stamina”

Watch the Duck – “Poppin’ Off”

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