Good Morning Mix: Dixon’s Essential Mix (9/14/2013)Dion

Good Morning Mix: Dixon’s Essential Mix (9/14/2013)

If you weren’t plugged into your laptop, desktop, or any mobile device that would’ve allowed you access to Pete Tong’s global airwaves this past Saturday evening, you missed Dixon‘s latest Essential Mix. And just because you missed the mix live, doesn’t mean you missed the outpour of positive reception from your social media feeds. Well pout no longer and wake up with the remedy to your weekend FOMO, Dixon’s Essential Mix has been recorded in full for your listening pleasure throughout the week, month, and perhaps the year.

01.Tricky – “Nothing Changed”
02. Kelpe – “Monte Verita”
03. Flori – “Frosty Leo (Dorisburg Cave Jam Mix)”
04. Clockworks – “Running (M. Gracioppo Mix)”
05. Sandrino & Frankey – “The Edge”
06. Agoria – “Kick the Peace (Part 2)”
07. Michael Gacioppo – “Creep (Tale Of Us & Vaal Mix)”
08. M. Worgull & P. Pardeike – “unknown”
09. Alex Barck – “Oh Africa (Frank Wiedemann Mix)”
10. Ten Walls – “Ankaris”
11. Baikal – “Why Don’t You (Ripperton Mix Dixon Edit)”
12. David August – “Epikur”
13. Michael Gacioppo – “Creep (Recondite Mix 1)”
14. U. P. Network – “Space Me Out (Mario Bassanov Mix)”
15. Ame – “unknown”
16. Guy Gerber & Dixon – “No Distance”
17. Tale Of Us & Raz Ohara – “Light (Instrumental)”
18. Ame- “Tatischeff”
19. Howling – “Shortline (Dixon Remix)”
20. Petar Dundov – “Moving”

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