Cameras roll on Tiësto for return of ‘In The Booth’

Passionate Tiësto fans will be happy to know that he, in conjunction with Believe Entertainment Group, has launched season two of his documentary-style webisode series, In The Booth. The first season gave fans a better sense of what Tiësto’s life is like behind the scenes, but season two takes In The Booth to the next level by allowing them to submit questions and ideas for the series to the man himself. This time around, the interaction between Tijs and his fans is stronger than ever.

Season two opens up by introducing viewers to Tiësto’s new two-year residency at Hakkasan Las Vegas, which cost a casual $120 million to maintain its super-club status. The new home that MGM has bestowed upon the Dutchman is majestic, sheltered by two large wooden doors, and provides him a balcony within a greenhouse where he enjoys sitting, reading the newspaper, and drinking cappuccinos. Quickly diving into the second episode, watch the summer day that Tijs officially became an ordained minister to marry a couple in Las Vegas.

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