‘March of The Afrojack’ series finale shows David Guetta in mentor role and Afrojack following suit

In the fifth, and final, installment of Afrojack’s “March of the Afrojack” docu-series, David Guetta opens up, speaking to the dutch producer’s talent which he saw early on. In an industry that is so cut-throat, it is imperative that someone truly believe in your work. And in this case, David Guetta was onboard with Nick since he first heard his music in Holland. Now, the tables turn as the Dutchman shows his fans how he is mentoring and helping young artists achieve their goals — just like the revered veteran helped him. This beautifully shot mini-episode brings Afrojack’s incredibly insightful docu-series to an end, closing it out with a last look at the Dutch producer’s ecstatic moments at this year’s Ultra.

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