Moguai ft. Niles Mason – Can’t Stop (Original Mix)Moguai Cant Stop

Moguai ft. Niles Mason – Can’t Stop (Original Mix)

Fresh off his recent success with releases such as “Champs” and “Mammoth,” Moguai joins forces with Niles Mason to create “Can’t Stop.” This tune provides a hard chorus with a dark drumline, but blends uplifting vocals to provide a new aural experience. It is a fresh take on a genre plagued by repetitiveness.

When considering the totality of the track, it feels as though something is missing from the tune in order to really push the track over the edge and create a meaningful experience.  The build up doesn’t allow Niles’ vibrant voice to carry as it is drowned out by the time the track kicks into full gear. While “Can’t Stop” is far from substandard, we should note that the bar was set extremely high when we first heard both Moguai and Niles Mason were collaborating together.

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