YouTube plans to launch streaming subscription music serviceYoutube Logo 635

YouTube plans to launch streaming subscription music service

According to Billboard, YouTube is close to launching a two-tiered (free/premium) subscription service with video that aims to be a direct competitor with Spotify. The service’s free tier will likely allow unlimited access to full tracks on all platforms, while the paid tier will allow you to cache music for offline listening with no advertisements.

YouTube’s parent company, Google, has already secured licenses from Warner Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Universal Music Group in preparation for the launch of the new service. In order to hit the market before the upcoming Beats Music platform, the service hopes to launch by the end of the year with a re-designed mobile application that will allow users to create playlists, listen to music and watch videos in one cohesive experience.

Many avid YouTube visitors actively use the pre-existing service as a music discovery and streaming platform and this new addition should drastically improve both experiences simultaneously.

Via: Billboard Biz