Bassjackers and GRX release ‘Gamer’ at hand of Doorn RecordsArtworks 000060271164 4z75r1 Original

Bassjackers and GRX release ‘Gamer’ at hand of Doorn Records

Sharing a home both musically and physically, the Bassjackers and GRX¬†are a match made in heaven. The three Dutch talents who also call Spinnin’ Records home show much more age in their respective skill sets than in their appearances. With an adrenaline lead that only the likes of the Bassjackers can craft, and a Martin Garrix signature catchy chord pattern, the grittiness in the Hardwell-supported track shines through perfectly. With a clear allusion to gaming throughout, “Gamer” captures the intensity of even the most hardcore of video games and brings that energy to the dance floor. At only 17 years old, Martin Garrix has decided to try his hand at an alternate alias, and although the future of GRX is untold, the world waits eagerly to see what the Netherlands’ youngest star has in store. Meanwhile, the Bassjackers, who have joined the Bingo Players on their latest tour, have big plans lined up for fans, with an Australian tour coming early 2014, and even more to be announced.

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