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Deadmau5 unveils 'Seven Deadly Sins' inspired tracks

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Canadian producer Joel Zimmerman revealed vague, but imminent plans to focus on a sense of storytelling through his music. Staying true to Deadmau5‘s blasé ‘tude, the producer has been hinting towards his musical plot with sporadic uploads of work-in-progress snippets of powerful, contemplative melodic tunes. Deadmau5 has risen to his word with an abrupt absence on Twitter and debuted an upload of seven short tracks on his official SoundCloud. Uploaded under the pertinent title ‘7,’ the 19 minute mix features a haunting and poignant soundscape that showcases Zimmerman’s eloquent progressive talent. He rises through evocative piano crescendos and falls into deep melancholic progressions through his seven latest works: “Acedia,” “Avarita,” “Gula,” “Invidia,” “Ira,” “Luxuria,” and “Superbia.” These seven Latin terms coordinate with the ‘Seven Deadly Sins,’ sloth, greed, gluttony, envy, wrath, lust and pride, respectively. Without a provided explanation, Deadmau5 leaves it to his listeners to weave their own storyline throughout the emblematic playlist.

Though Deadmau5 remains quiet on the Twitter-sphere for now, the Canadian electronic music talent has already begun building up a busy schedule for 2014, beginning with a New Year’s Eve performance in New York and with plans in the works for a large-scale tour.

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