Weekend Rewind: Morgan Page's first single, 'The Longest Road'

Born and raised in rural Vermont, Morgan Page started making electronic music when he was just 14 years old. Since his humble beginnings, the “In the Air” producer has come a long way. Releasing 5 full albums, with a 6th due out in 2016, and 9 singles including current chart-climbing hit “Your Love,” Page has set himself up with a permanent spot in  the dance community as a strong progressive house and trance artist.

Rewind back to 2008 when Morgan Page released his first single, “The Longest Road.” It’s familiar to most fans as the grammy nominated Deadmau5 remix, but the original track holds an old-western charm that remixes have yet to duplicate. From the video set in the deep desert, to Lissie’s country-esque vocals and the guitar riffs that bear uncanny resemblance to banjos, the entire song presents a story-like, calming melody that serves as the perfect song to play as you unwind from a good weekend.

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