Contest: Win a special date with Adventure Club…and YOUR MOMDisco Blog

Contest: Win a special date with Adventure Club…and YOUR MOM

Adventure Club, the zany melodic dubstep duo, is currently in the middle of their national Superheroes Anonymous tour, an endeavor that promises a wild full production. They have a few legs left on this tour, and they want you to add to the fun. Disco Donnie Presents, Dancing Astronaut, and Adventure Club are offering a chance for you (AND YOUR MOM) to win a date with the hilarious pair plus free tickets to a show.  Entrants will be judged by none other than Disco Donnie himself.

Jump after the break for contest details.

To qualify for the contest:

1. You must be 18.

2. Submit a 30 second video of:

  • Why you deserve to have this unique of an opportunity
  • Your mom performing mundane tasks but with an Adventure Club song inserted as the soundtrack

3. Email the video to

4. Be able to attend one of the following shows

  • 12/15 Cleveland
  • 12/26 Tampa
  • 12/30 Hidalgo
  • 12/31 Milwaukee

Don’t miss the chance to take your mom on the adventure of your lives.

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