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Fehrplay offers up 'All By Myself' for free download

By now many of us have already succumbed to the craze of Christmas morning, but for those of you who are still scrounging around for free music from your favorite artists, look no further. Jonas von der Fehr, better known as Fehrplay,  took to Facebook this morning to reminisce on the last year and thank the people in his life that have brought him to where he stands today. Most important are the fans, of course,  which is why Jonas is offering “All By Myself” as a gift to the people, young and old, who supported him since day one. Some readers might remember when this track was featured on Epic Radio 009, a throwback to August of this year. Perhaps his selection is an honest reminder that not everyone has a family to spend the holidays with, and that it is important to be grateful for the people that we each have in our lives.

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