Jacuzzi gives trap a facelift with Mizu EPJacuzzi Mizu

Jacuzzi gives trap a facelift with Mizu EP

If “Mizu” is any indication, Honolulu has been hiding the progressive post-neo-modern-future wave of trap and bass in Jacuzzi. The islander just dropped his debut EP and… well… it bumps. Like a Waikiki shark, Jacuzzi swallows our tourist ears with rapacious hits, hats, and slaps. Starting off like a Quentin Tarantino movie trailer, “Exodus” sounds like the soundtrack of Django, Lt. Aldo Raine, Black Mamba and Butch Coolidge┬áin a battle royale. Can someone please make a Breaking Bad tribute video to this track? Try to get through the rest of the EP without smashing your desk to pieces and bouncing from work middle finger raised. I couldn’t.

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