Monstercat makes entire discography available to Bitcoin buyersBitcoinCat

Monstercat makes entire discography available to Bitcoin buyers

Decentralized digital currency Bitcoin is all the rage this month. Following its spike in value to an all-time high of more than $1,200 last week, everyone ranging from Virgin Galactic to a university in Cyprus wants a piece of the action. It was only a matter of time before Bitcoin made its way into dance music, and it’s no big surprise that it’s forward-thinking label Monstercat carrying the torch in support.

The eclectic dance label announced it would accept Bitcoin in exchange for its music, pricing each release at $4.99 (currently .00484 BTC) and the entire discography at $29.99 (currently .029089 BTC). We’ve seen artists like Gareth Emery and Knife Party take to Twitter to support the open source currency, but this marks the first time a significant label has actually taken the plunge. Fans of the music and/or the move can head here to put their Bitcoins to good use.

Still confused about what a Bitcoin is? Here’s a charming children’s story to bring you up to speed.

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