Soulfinder – Out Of Time (Andre Sobota Remix) [Preview]Andre Sobota

Soulfinder – Out Of Time (Andre Sobota Remix) [Preview]

Part-time drum & bass mogul and affirmative Brazilian talent Andre Sobota sets the tone for 2014 incredibly high with his latest remix duties for Dublin’s Soulfinder. Much to the confusion of many box pushers, Andre has straddled the sounds of trance and progressive house to considerable advantage throughout his career. Behind the wheel of “Out of Time,” Amanda Dempsey’s vocals are given a rub up that appeals to both the melodic core of his progressive roots and the uplifting energy that has hallmarked the euphoric ranks of trance. Calling this progressive trance just doesn’t do it justice though. Finally, the fusion of these two long serving sounds culminates into a piece of music that asserts Andre Sobota as the sort of artist that this industry needs to replace the ceaseless boxing of sounds with the unaltered appreciation of them.

Release date: TBA

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