‘A very visual kind of album,’ Duck Sauce dish details about the duo’s debut LP ‘Quack’Duck Sauce

‘A very visual kind of album,’ Duck Sauce dish details about the duo’s debut LP ‘Quack’

Armand and A-Trak have something big up their sleeves. Following the October delay of Duck Sauce‘s debut LP Quack, the duo have begun to disclose some juicy details about the album, slated to be released this spring. In an interview with Rolling Stone, the two iconic producers promise fans a studio effort that will be fresh, funky, and a much needed departure from run of the mill record releases. Both of the veteran disc jockeys are clearly excited to unveil what they have under the hood. They delve into the influences behind their forthcoming studio endeavor, and tantalize fans with what to expect from the full length 12-track LP.

Fool’s Gold head honcho, A-Trak, explains that Quack is much more than just the typical dance record release; that isn’t the Duck Sauce method. Rather than solely releasing singles, Duck Sauce aims to deliver what dance music seems to be lacking by delivering the full album experience. With an Essential Mix that was hailed one of 2013’s best, to the Duck Tape and Duck Droppings releases, the duo’s infectious singles are certainly not few and far between. According to A-Trak, Quack turned out to be a creatively arranged collection that he describes as; “a listening experience front to back; a very visual kind of album.”

The brother ducks discuss influences rooted in old school hip-hop and 80’s disco grooves, with Quack laying at the intersection of both producer’s colorful spectrum of inspirations. Names ranging from the Beastie Boys to 80’s disco-pop euro-sensation A La Carte are mentioned, highlighting the well rounded crate-diggers diverse musical backgrounds.The duo discuss their carefree attitude, the catalyst for their zany visuals and irresistible dance selections. The two reaffirm that they never have taken themselves all too seriously, and the product of that mentality as ultimately the meaning behind Quack. 

With what the two sauciest ducks around are calling, “a treasure trove of materials,” underway for this spring, expect Quack to make a not-so-serious statement about nu-disco funk music. Duck Sauce’s debut LP should turn out to be a steamy love triangle between classic hip-hop, disco funk, and electro-house, and could very well be one of the biggest releases of the coming year.

Via Rolling Stone

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