Disclosure taps Mary J. Blige for ‘F For U’ remixMary J Disclosure

Disclosure taps Mary J. Blige for ‘F For U’ remix

New York City has treated the Lawrence brothers well this week. Between headlining shows and a Late Night with Jimmy Fallon appearance, Disclosure spent time working with Q-Tip and had Mary J. Blige as a special guest performer. While details of a collaboration with the A Tribe Called Quest rapper still remain a mystery, the duo is quick to unveil what they have brewing with the Queen of R&B.

As it turns out, Mary J. hadn’t been crooning over “F For U” for no reason. In fact, she’s been tapped for the hit’s official remix. The new version makes way in the form of a music video — a minimalist approach to animation in vein of Disclosure‘s signature branding. While the original hook remains in tact, Mary J. Blige laces an entire verse mid-track before serving up her own soulful chorus, giving “F For U” a treatment that matches the revered vocal work she’s graced hip-hop and R&B records with throughout her legendary career.

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