Mike Mago – Man Hands (Original Mix) [Preview]Mike Mago

Mike Mago – Man Hands (Original Mix) [Preview]

Since hitting it big with “The Show,” Amsterdam’s Mike Mago has sailed with unstoppable force through the European shores. Back on the beat for 2014, his first solo stint for Spinnin Deep keeps with the positive momentum witnessed throughout 2013. As the genre continues to bow to the predisposition that the modern sound needs to be engulfed in low-end action and knocked-down vocals, “Man Hands” reminds us that upfront melodies and dominant grooves can still hold their corner on the market. These are the sort of epiphanies that the BMKLTSCH master is becoming something of an ambassador to, ushering in yet another reason to believe that Mike Mago’s vision for house music is one of the more profound to emerge from Holland in a very long time.

Release date: February 24th

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