Snoop Lion and Major Lazer premiere nostalgic 8-bit music video for 'Get Away'

Snoop Dogg’s reggae-inspired alter ego Snoop Lion stepped out of his smooth, laid back signature rap style and headed towards a more sprightly direction with “Get Away” from his Reincarnated album. “Get Away” begins as any other reggae tune would – slow, but steady with a catchy and happy-go-lucky feel – but the song rapidly picks up energy and speed when Major Lazer‘s unmistakable production style is introduced. To complement the unique fusion track, Snoop Lion and Major Lazer have created a music video ode to some of the most popular Nintendo games of the late 90’s generation. The cleverly designed 8-bit animations feature Snoop Lion and Major Lazer’s own animated mascot as they playfully duel it out in several Reincarnated-inspired reworked renditions of recognizable video games.

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