Bromance previews 14th release with Monsieur MonsieurBromance14

Bromance previews 14th release with Monsieur Monsieur

Monsieur Monsieur is back, and so, it seems, is Bromance‘s dark techno swagger. Following a period of trap and hip-hop-inspired output, the Parisian label this week revealed three snippets from its upcoming 14th release.

From the panned analog hits of “Lucid” to the menacing sawtooth chug of “Anotheart,” the French duo’s latest effort is replete with the jagged synth stabs, booming kicks and industrial percussion that helped elevate the label to global awareness. We’ll never begrudge Brodinski for blurring lines and breaking boundaries, but it’s nice to hear that menacing hybrid of techno and electro back in full force. February 17th can’t come soon enough.

Can’t wait four days? We got your Bromance fix right here.

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