Deadmau5 prevails in copyright battle with WildstylezDeadmau5 Tryst 4

Deadmau5 prevails in copyright battle with Wildstylez

Last week, we broke the news that Wildstylez ripped Deadmau5‘s chord progression of “Some Chords” in his recently released “Straightforward.” It seems that Dutch hardstyle DJ and producer Joram Metekohy didn’t realize how much fire he was playing with when getting Joel Zimmerman’s music involved. Word to the wise: don’t steal music. Word to the wiser; never steal ideas from the mau5. He will always come out on top.

And that is precisely what happened this week. Not only did Joel revive his Soundcloud simply to prove a point with his harsh “Dat Kick Doe,” but he also made sure that Wildstlyez’s “Straightforward” was pulled from YouTube almost immediately after shots were fires. In the wake of Zimmerman’s fit over Facebook and Twitter, Metekohy responded, “Love your stuff, but you’re taking a little too much credit here.”

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