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Dillon Francis album pushed back, anticipated release in July

In November, Dillon Francis excitedly took to his Facebook page to announce that his nearly complete album was sitting on a tentative March release date. Now, just a few weeks away from the expected release month, the Los Angeles-based producer has announced, to his dismay, fans will have to wait yet another few months until the official album releases. In a recent interview with InTheMix, Francis explained, “My album isn’t going to come out in May because of the album strategy that we have, so now it’s been pushed back ’til July, which is kind of a bummer. It’s all like these weird semantics of labels that they have to have this release structure – which I understand now, but at the beginning I didn’t. I’m kind of bummed, but I get it.”

Still, despite the unfortunate push back on his highly anticipated album, Dillon hasn’t been sitting idle. When he’s not moonlighting as an Instagram comedian under his aliases DJ Hanzel or DJ RichAsFuck, the Mad Decent producer is still hard at work. His brand new release with DJ Snake “Get Low” serves as a teasing taste of the electrifying  sounds and hints of his moombahton roots to come on Dillon’s forthcoming LP.


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