Diplo brings Twerk Team to Wings Night in ‘Biggie Bounce’ videoDiplo Rooftop

Diplo brings Twerk Team to Wings Night in ‘Biggie Bounce’ video

Wings night at a local watering hole in Georgia just got a bootylicious makeover. Diplo, Travis Porter, Angger Dimas, and Diplo’s hand-picked Twerk Team ladies invade the average man’s dive in the new “Biggie Bounce” music video. In quintessential Diplo fashion, Mad Decent‘s fearless leader keeps it light, goofy, yet drenched in swagger as he and his team get the Mableton Moose Lodge regulars’ rumps shaking, flipping an otherwise quiet karaoke night upside down.

Diplo can be caught showcasing awesome rhythm from the makeshift DJ booth as he breaks down some of the cheesiest dance moves in the book, while the rappers and twerking ladies turn heads across the bar. A creatively hilarious mix of home footage and professionally edited shots shows Diplo half-disinterested in his own impromptu party. Pub mix flies in the air as bouncing back ends bump on the billiards tables. The rappers play cards and smoke by the bar as Diplo does the “bounce and clap” move in the corner. This video really has it all.

I need more Diplo!

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