Listen to Kaskade’s ‘In The Moment’ in full on YouTubeKaskade In The Moment

Listen to Kaskade’s ‘In The Moment’ in full on YouTube

If there’s one man out there who never makes a promise he doesn’t intend to keep, it’s Kaskade. In vowing to upload free music every Monday until “the entire catalogue is up,” Ryan Raddon’s giveaway this President’s Day arrives in a rather large package. Today, he generously offers his entire second studio album, In The Moment, on his YouTube channel as a followup to his February 3rd upload of It’s You, It’s MeThis album is home to “Steppin’ Out,” “Everything” and “I Like The Way,” the first of which landed on Abercrombie & Fitch’s 2004 playlist.

It’s difficult to imagine that ten years ago this coming May, Kaskade released In The Moment on OM Records. His musical style has certainly evolved over the years, as it should, but pleasant hints of familiarity will always resonate in the body of work that Kaskade has invested his entire heart and soul into for over a decade.

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