Deep Dish release ‘Quincy’ ahead of Essential Mix return this FridayQuincy

Deep Dish release ‘Quincy’ ahead of Essential Mix return this Friday

After an eight-year year streak of absence from Dubfire and Sharam’s collective moniker, Deep Dish breaks the silence on their hotly anticipated return to global club land with debut Virgin Records. In spite of the extended absence, the reign of this dual stronghold has evidently not been forgotten to the modern market. With releases dating back as far as 1994 and an impressive holding of the middle grounds between upfront house and its more progressively inclined ranks, there return reignites the sort of agenda that could only play as an immediate head turner to an industry otherwise distracted by buzz sounds. Murky but meticulously formed, the subtle melodic progressions and groovy percussive undertones of “Quincy” marks one of the more immaculate and deviating tracks to bless the digital market in 2014 so far. With their first Essential Mix duties since 2005 incoming this weekend and a much-hyped Miami showcase at Ice Palace still to come, this is a duo unlikely to play quietly through the fast approaching slug of Miami Music Week. All hype aside, Deep Dish bounces back with a commendable return to the studio, proving once again that the old timers can still be found schooling the modern market here in 2014.

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