Umek & Mike Vale – All I want (Original Mix) [Preview]UMEK And Mike Vale All I Want 2083P

Umek & Mike Vale – All I want (Original Mix) [Preview]

Practised collaborators and 1605 stalwarts Umek and Mike Vale are testing the waters this month, opting for a contemporary take on their tech-infused getup with latest single “All I Want.” Whilst Umek has been a certified beat smith since long before his more recent explosion onto the global circuit, Slovenian peer Vale has proven one of the more versatile tech house assets to bring the genre’s finer assets into a well-produced spotlight. “All I Want” is a deeper and far more reserved specimen by comparison to both artists adrenaline fuelled output, but holds its corner on the merits of still packing more of a punch than the vast majority of the genre’s bandwagon followers here in 2014. Whether you want to argue that Umek and Vale have jumped ship to a popular medium or not, the fact that “All I Want” still kills the crowd on the merits of production and potential longevity makes it yet another reason to watch the horizon where 1605 and the increasingly promising Slovenian talent pool is concerned.

Release date: March 24

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