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Lazy Rich & Special Features – Beginning of the World (Remixes EP)

Following the usual release tendencies from the LE7ELS camp, the recent progressive “Beginning of the World” has received the remix treatment from three artists, representing both the familiar and the new talent from the label. Without straying drastically from the original, the progressive tune is given a facelift from the three featured artists, each remaining within the boundaries of the progressive house genre. Taking a purest progressive approach, Spencer Brown tunes his take on the Lazy Rich and Special Features production with a driven bassline and darker feel as opposed to the Space Kadets remix that features bright keys and colorful grooves. Galavant‘s take on the track plays between the contrasting remixes from their peers with a remix that flirts with electro vibes while maintaining the sound that the world has come to expect from Avicii‘s imprint.

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Check out the original mix of “Beginning of the World” here.

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