Spotify confident that it will soon dominate iTunes in the UKSpotify Logo

Spotify confident that it will soon dominate iTunes in the UK

The heated battle between Spotify and iTunes in the UK may soon come to an end, as the former has enjoyed an additional one million active participants within the last four months. While iTunes remains the most influential digital music service in Europe, Spotify is now hot on its heels.

Kevin Brown, Spotify’s head of label relations in Europe, told Music Week that the company has spawned greater revenue each month across Continental Europe than iTunes. “Given that download sales are declining and Spotify is growing rapidly, particularly in the UK, it is only a matter of time before Spotify is bigger than iTunes across Europe as a whole,” he states.

Brown also mentioned that a “significant amount” of the million new Spotify users have chosen to pay for a subscription as opposed to listening to its free, advertisement-laden installment. He believes that the proliferation in sales is contributed to Spotify’s marketing partnerships with Vodafone and the Sunday Times.

Due to the “perfect storm” that the rapid growth of streaming has incited in the UK, Brown has no doubts that Spotify will soon trump iTunes, although he doesn’t even view the music service as his primary competitor. Rather, he looks to YouTube as the main culprit: “We’re still put in the same bucket as iTunes by some labels, whose music then appears on YouTube. That drives me nuts.”

Via: The Guardian

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