Steve Aoki releases ‘Rage The Night Away,’ announces double album, Madison Square Garden showAOKI RAGE EP Final 2

Steve Aoki releases ‘Rage The Night Away,’ announces double album, Madison Square Garden show

Earlier today, Steve Aoki sat down at a press conference to reveal an absolute onslaught of information regarding the future of his career. Today marks the release of his single, “Rage the Night Away,” which features Waka Flocka Flame, but the Dim Mak head honcho has much more in store. While, previously, Aoki led us to believe that Neon Future would be the next in a line of EPs, he took the conference opportunity to announce that it would not only be a full-length album, but a double album, with Neon Future I releasing August 12th, and Neon Future II releasing early 2015, of course, through Dim Mak and Ultra Music.

The world-traversing DJ has taken his Neon Future brand and pushed it to its limits to let it define more than just music. “I see the future in a more of a utopian sense, built through technology, music and color. These concepts became the driving force for the creation of my first double album.” When considering that Fall Out Boy, Empire of the Sun, and Flux Pavilion will all make appearances on the first part of the double album, it’s not hard to understand what Aoki means. By translating his own idea of a utopian future into a musical landscape, Aoki hopes to paint a vivid picture of the Neon Future brand for the world to see. To top it off, the “Boneless” co-producer also announced a partnership with Bud Light Platinum for a year-long TV spot partnership to promote the “Turn Up Your Night” campaign, which serves to align the brand with the electronic music generation’s interests.

Steve Aoki didn’t stop at just music releases and brand partnerships at his conference, though. The cake-tossing mogul made major strides as he announced a debut performance at the legendary Madison Square Garden at the heart of New York City. The world-famous venue has held performances from only the biggest names in dance music lately, and Steve Aoki joins the ranks of the elites as tickets go on sale May 9th for the August 16th performance. Aoki promises a plethora of special musical guests, and, of course, enough rafts and cakes to satisfy the massive MSG crowd.

It’s Steve Aoki’s Neon Future – we’re just living in it.

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