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DA Premiere: BANKS – Bedroom Wall (CRNKN Remix) [Free Download]

Gabriel Baer, formally referred to as CRNKN, steps up to the plate this April with a remix of American singer-songwriter BANKS’ “Bedroom Wall” – a tune produced by Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. While he preserves BANKS’ tantalizing singing and the eerie framework of the original, deep percussive strokes and intensified bass tones are standouts in CRNKN’s translation. Geared with a slower BPM and honing in on sensuous house cuts as opposed to his former trap-influenced remixes, his perception of “Bedroom Wall” will perhaps see CRNKN headed in a new direction with future releases. Having recently signed with The Nest, there is nothing predictable about his new EP, The Clearing, to be released on May 5th.


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