Duke Dumont thickens the album trail with ‘Won’t Look Back’ [Preview]Wont Look Back

Duke Dumont thickens the album trail with ‘Won’t Look Back’ [Preview]

The steady road to Duke Dumont’s debut album has been one of significantly poignant form for the commercial house landscape, Essential Mixes and chart-topping ventures all accounted for. Where the likes of ‘Need U (100%)’ and ‘I Got U’ set a precedent in the British heavyweight’s universal capacity, the promise of that all-important full-length number from the Blasé Boys Club proprietor, single number three looks to keep the wheel of hype spinning right through the summer, throwing yet another vocal extension into the equation for 2014.

As poignantly posed for club durability as it is seamlessly tailored to that beautiful overlap between the house market and the radio friendly ranks, “Won’t Look Back” is another solid gold effort to show that radio friendly capacity is far from the enemy in electronic music’s lifeblood. There’s little arguing with the consistency and overall clarity Dumont is bringing to his territory right now, making his agenda for house music capable of standing the test of time all the more unequivocal courtesy of this stand out summer jam.

Release date: August 24

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