Porter Robinson to return to Essential MixPorter Robinson Press

Porter Robinson to return to Essential Mix

While 100,000 or so dance fans converge under the Ferris wheel for Electric Daisy Carnival, the absenteeism of those staying at home just got a little less painful: Porter Robinson is taking the Essential Mix decks. Last heard on the radio show in early 2012, the young producer will be on both the airwaves and in Vegas this Friday, where he will spin at Marquee in the hours after the mix hits eager ears. Still two months away from the release of debut album Worlds, Porter hasn’t made any promises about exclusive plays in his return appearance but did have this to say to Radio 1 about it:

‘I spent two years writing ‘Worlds’ and during that time I’d become really pessimistic about the future of electronic music. But once I finished the album I went and made an active effort to find new electronic music that touched me. I’ve fully changed my mind! I think the future is really, really bright. There’s a ton of great music today that just needs to be discovered. That’s not to say this mix is entirely devoid of classics, but it’s mostly made up of stuff I’ve heard recently’.

To hear just what the celebrated producer deems “great music,” tune in on Friday at 8 pm EST.

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