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Kaskade divulges ‘Redux,’ a ten-year house love story [EP Review]

For most, Redux began one year ago, when Kaskade coyly introduced a nine-stop ‘It’s You, It’s Me Redux’ tour for the very first time. But for Kaskade, Redux has been a decade-long journey in the making. ‘It’s You, It’s Me Redux’ was incepted in celebration of the ten year anniversary of Ryan Raddon’s first musical milestone and wide success. Named after the very tune that inspired the producer to push on with his career, the short, intimate, and remarkably exclusive experimental tour quickly became a fan favorite. Redux – as it was soon nicknamed – was held only at 200-300 capacity clubs as an ode to Kaskade’s beginning roots, and featured extensive catalogues of deep house and club tracks unheard on big stage festival circuits.

“Redux is an observance of massive sound but restrained lights, married with hedonic amounts of deep and emotive house … Redux will not be experienced by tens of thousands, but rather, hundreds. You know, like the way we used to do it.”


Merely a year later, Kaskade’s concept has blossomed into something far larger and widespread. Now often used as an adjective to describe the distinct style, Redux produced a follow-up 12-stop tour and remains so highly demanded that Raddon scheduled a second Redux-only set following his main stage performance at EDC Las Vegas this year. Redux has even birthed five brand new originals from Kaskade for his Redux EP, a fusion of old and new at it’s very best.

1. “Please Say You Will” feat. Adam Klopp

Perhaps influenced by his latest full-length and melodic-focused Atmosphere release, Kaskade transitions into his opening Redux track with signature soft and airy swells. Though considerably the most relaxed of all five tracks, “Please Say You Will” is far from soft-spoken as Adam Klopp’s ethereal vocals embellish protracted, but persistent beats. Listeners will notice a thematic quality to the short, but telling EP that begins in the first tune’s chorus lines: “This love is not complete/This love does not complete me/Would you just try with me, please say you will”

2. “Sweet Love” feat. Joslyn

Don’t be deceived by the title; the modern day romance story that is Redux begins to kick into a higher gear within the first thirty seconds of “Sweet Love.” Evidence of Kaskade’s nostalgic ode to his dark, dingy house club days pulsate within the bass lines of his second track. Joslyn’s jazzy belts derive the same soulful pocket that Redux aims to embody – more of a comprehensive experience than just a song.

3. “Catalyst” feat. Wild Children

Though “Catalyst” may be on the opposing end of the spectrum of his bigger sound hits like “Turn It Down” and “Lessons In Love,” reminiscent synth slides and a familiar emphasis on floating vocal work reminds listeners of Kaskade’s widely diverse abilities. Serving as the transition to the faster paced edge of his EP, “Catalyst” acts as a fitting changeover point with a welcomed meld of fluttering taps and breathy lyrics from Wild Children before dipping directly into a club-primed sweep of beats.

4. “Yep” with Amtrac

As the second to last of the EP, “Yep” hits with a heavier punch in the spirit of keeping the energy high for the traditionally long hours of Redux shows. Amtrac appears as the only fellow producer featured on any Redux track, contributing his fine-tuned ear for unorthodox, but highly favored garage and deep-inspired influences to the album’s most fervent and demanding of the five originals.

5. “Ain’t Gotta Lie” feat. deCarl

Kaskade chose to reveal “Ain’t Gotta Lie” as the first and only digital single release from his Redux album, proving that indeed, the best is saved for last. The final Redux track is a whirlwind of energy, confined within the characteristically blasé deep house mood. Featured vocalist deCarl drips layers of sultry chorus lines over a persistent tapping soundscape, but not without an other worldly interlude rendering “Ain’t Gotta Lie” adaptable for both dancing festival crowds and throngs of grungy club goers.

After channeling inspiration directly from his 2003 “It’s You, It’s Me,” it is blatantly fitting that Kaskade’s Redux EP arrives as his novel rendition of a house love story. Redux is a harmonic mixture of all aspects of opposites: the dark and the warm, the explosive and the demure, and of course, the old and the new. A lot of things may change in the span of ten years, but perhaps Kaskade hit it right on the head when saying goodbye to his first Redux tour.

Ten years later, this music still exists and rings true that it’s you, then it’s me in love. “


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