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Kaskade confirms development of new platform and hints at new album

Right before taking the stage at Mysteryland this past Memorial Day weekend, Ryan Raddon sat down with THUMP to share what he has in store for the next chapter of his career. Kaskade just finished up his Redux tour, an intimate affair that brought the DJ back to small clubs, small crowds and the dance music scene of decades past. But with Redux behind him, Raddon is still quite excited about what lies ahead.

After promising to deliver all of his music to fans at no cost, Kaskade streamed album after album on YouTube. He also took to SoundCloud to share several remixes, club edits, and originals of years past, until the music sharing website took everything down with claims of copyright. Rather than fall victim to the discouragement, Kaskade gleefully explained to THUMP his more permanent solution, a unique platform that will serve as host to years of his music, without record labels or music-hosting websites breathing down his neck.

Though the new platform comes not too long after Joel Zimmerman set up something similar, Kaskade tells THUMP that this is something he’s been working on for years. In addition, he promises to release a digital version of his Redux EP, coming to terms with the fact that not many fans would be able to listen to the vinyl version. Lastly, though certainly not least, the dance music veteran DJ says he’s working on a new album that he’s “just started tinkering around with” in the past few weeks. As always, Kaskade leaves fans with something to look forward to.

via: THUMP

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