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UMass lifts ban on EDM

After a spate of drug-related deaths at dance events in the Northeast last fall put the media in a tailspin, UMass Amherst took a drastic preventative measure: It banned dance music from campus “forever.” Now nine months later, however, it turns out that “forever” has been degraded to “one year.” According to the local WGGB, the school has officially lifted the ban on the genre, with officials saying that a lessened availability of drugs has swayed their opinion. Though not an immediate lift, the on-campus Mullins Center will host the yearly Fantazia event this September, and will be adding twice the security and free water to the lineup: While kandi and glowsticks will still be allowed, anyone found carrying drugs or alcohol will find out just what “no tolerance” means. Coming on the heels of a similar EDM ban reversal in Toronto, UMass’s decision comes as a victory for dance music and a hopeful lesson to venues, cities, or counties tempted to close their doors to dance music.

Source – WGGB

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