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Dusky – Inta (Original Mix)

Nothing beats the satisfaction of premiering new music, let alone unveiling one’s own label. For Dusky, July will see their newly established imprint, 17 Steps, go live, with fresh EP Love Taking Over arriving by its side. Comprised of title track “Love Taking Over,” “Inta” and “Expectations,” Nick Harriman and Alfie Grander-Howell’s most recent offering will continue to develop their identities as admired producers.

“Inta” treads cloudy, deep house waters that carry particularly heavy basslines compared to prior releases such as “Careless.” The alluring repetitiveness of the word “Inta” throughout and pulsating strokes draw listeners in as they reach a middle ground between house and techno. At its midpoint, mellow chords and the occasional female vocal sample afford Dusky’s latest greater sensuality, discovering an equilibrium between its ominous tones and mysterious delicacy.

Love Taking Over will be released on July 14th.

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