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Gesaffelstein revisits ‘Hate or Glory’ [Free Download]

In late 2013, French techno authority Gesaffelstein offered one of the most forward-thinking, ultra-creative releases of the year with his debut LP, AlephFeaturing edgy, sharp sounds artfully reflected throughout dark pounding arrangements, the Parisian Bromance heavy-hitter asserted himself in bold fashion. Now, one of the album’s most impressive selections, “Hate or Glory” is receiving a noteworthy remix treatment from the creator himself.

Gesaffelstein is offering a new rendition of his eerie VMA-nominated techno track, with a completely different spin. The original mix is a gritty pairing of acid house and deep robotic elements with haunting, ghostly synth work. The remix, however, features a much different sound, as it chaotically winds into a twisted meshing of drum n’ bass and French garage house.

With two vastly different renditions of “Hate or Glory,” Gasaffelstein once again reaffirms his dominating presence.

Free Download

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