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Big Gigantic deliver official remix of Zhu’s ‘Faded’

Ripping through the United States on board with the Mad Decent Block Party and preparing for their yearly celebration “Rowdytown,” Big Gigantic have taken the electronic scene by storm with intricate saxophone lines and kicking live drums. Dom and Jeremy, manning the sax and percussion respectively, have been commended on their ever evolving production skills and delicate sound, both of which are certainly present on their makeover of Zhu‘s “Faded.” Championed as one of the hottest deep songs of the summer, “Faded” needs no fixing – instead, it has been redone; a gentle melody plays behind the dark vocal before the musical duo steps in to deliver a world-class saxophone-based chord progression and a reinvented deep bass line. Zhu’s music has attracted many of electronic music’s finest for remix duty, but few have taken to the task with the style and success as Big Gigantic.

Zhu or Big G? Choose wisely.

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