Snakehips continues to impress with ‘After I Met U’Snakehips After I Met You

Snakehips continues to impress with ‘After I Met U’

What Snakehips lack in official releases they make up for in mouth-watering SoundCloud streams. From on-point originals to coveted remixes such as their take on the Weekend’s “Wanderlust,” Snakehips charming productions consistently leave fans harkening for more. Their latest piece to grace the online airwaves is the soulful “After I Met U.” Bristling with warm instrumental work and a vintage feel, the song is bolstered by dexterous R&B sampling. Two-thirds of the way through, the tracks takes on a new life, introducing a new beat altogether with another fresh dose of sample work. In a similar vein to the rest of Snakehips’ work, it is unclear if the song will ever see an official release. For now, however, we’re satisfied enough with this exciting glimpse of what’s to come for the burgeoning act.

Release Date: TBA

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