Beatport revamps its music store with Beatport ProBeatportpro

Beatport revamps its music store with Beatport Pro

Beatport is by far the biggest online music store for electronic music, yet the current site is not without its flaws. After ten years, however, Beatport has just unveiled a major facelift: Beatport Pro. The entire site has been rebuilt from the ground up to meet more modern standards. As of today, the Beatport Pro Beta is now accessible.

Right off the bat, the loadout speed is noticeably better than its previous iteration. Also, the organization of the front page immediately looks less cluttered. The search engine is much more intuitive than before, while navigating the site just feels a lot smoother on the whole. Finally, the site has been optimized for mobile devices with responsive design. Ultimately, it’s still very much the same store, but Beatport claims to have made it much easier for developers to add new features to the site, laying the groundwork for faster updates and more exciting changes.

Check out Beatport Pro here.



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