Dancing Astronaut’s Soundtrack to TomorrowWorld 2014Tomorrowworld 2014 14

Dancing Astronaut’s Soundtrack to TomorrowWorld 2014

Dancing Astronaut’s Soundtrack to TomorrowWorld 2014

Even as festival season comes to a close, electronic dance music diehards across the globe would not have been able to wish 2014 a fond farewell without experiencing what is shaping up to be one of America’s best music festivals – TomorrowWorld. The famed Chattahoochee Hills fete initially garnered our attention after revealing its majestic “The Arising of Life” theme, which would be accompanied by a 400-foot long, 100-foot tall volcano-like main stage. Shortly thereafter TomorrowWorld ran into minor obstacles when it publicly played with the idea of banning Camelbaks, but reversed its ruling within 24 hours in the face of thousands of disappointed fans. Despite its ups and downs leading up to the main event, this year proved to be bigger, better and more polished than its trial run one year ago. With a stacked lineup of artists performing across seven stages and 500 acres of terrain, these are the ten most memorable tracks from TomorrowWorld 2014.

Jack U - Beat Steady Knockin (Original Mix)

Though Diplo and Skrillex didn’t make a special Jack U appearance as was hoped, fans of the new superduo did get a taste of some of their latest studio masterpieces. “Beat Steady Knockin” unites the best of both worlds, seriously putting fan’s twerking skills to the test.

Notable Plays: Diplo

RL Grime - Core (Party Favor Flip)

While taking a quick break from showing off his scratching talents, A-Trak dropped Party Favor’s rich touchup of “Core” as the crowd danced itself into oblivion.

Notable Plays: A-Trak

Oliver - Light Years Away (Original Mix)

From “I.D.G.A.F.O.S.” to “Light Years Away,” Dillon made a seamless transition into slow, heavy disco. Initially catching the crowd off guard, most were impressed by Francis’ recognition of Fool’s Gold standouts, Oliver.

Notable Plays: Dillon Francis

Kaskade feat. The Brocks - Summer Nights (Original Mix)

The warm, summer nights may be over but Kaskade assisted thousands of fans in reminiscing once more, closing out TomorrowWorld’s final night beneath streamers, a shimmering sky and billowing pyro.

Notable Plays: Kaskade

Jauz - Feel The Volume (Original Mix)

You know the music is deep enough once you feel the ground vibrate and your bones rattle. That is precisely how Tchami made his loyal crew feel when he dropped “Feel The Volume.”

Notable Plays: Tchami

Syn Cole - Bright Lights (Sam Feldt Remix)

As Avicii’s honorary replacement, Kygo completely changed the game for TomorrowWorld’s main stage. A heavenly set tinged with tropical house cuts infiltrated the festival’s main land, with Sam Feldt’s softer grooves coming out on top.

Notable Plays: Kygo

Bassnectar feat. Donnis - Noise (Original Mix)

The Mythical Frames stage was where the party was at late Friday evening as Bassnectar reminded fans what dubstep truly is. Not to mention a couple got engaged as Lorin played “You & Me” in the background.

Notable Plays: Bassnectar

Metrik feat. Elisabeth Troy - Want My Love (Original Mix)

Strong buildups and minimal drops are by far the greatest teases, which was evident by the euphoric countenances of each individual huddled around the All Your Base Are Belong To Us stage.

Notable Plays: Dirtyphonics

2 Chainz feat. Kanye West - Birthday Song (Original Mix)

Rap and EDM will always go hand in hand, especially after 2 Chainz’s unexpected appearance at the Mad Decent stage alongside Diplo. Having performed “I’m Different” and “Birthday Song” live, we forgot if we were at an electronic music festival or a concert.

Notable Plays: Diplo

Simion - U+I (Paul C & Paolo Martini Remix)

Claude Von Stroke brought a tasteful set to the All Gone Pete Tong stage, attracting the attention of thousands with gleaming spotlights and cutting basslines that compose Paul C & Paolo Martini’s remix of “U+I.”

Notable Plays: Claude Von Stroke

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