Exclusive: E.A.S.Y. show that #RealDJs do more than push playEasy

Exclusive: E.A.S.Y. show that #RealDJs do more than push play

For years, A-Trak has been one of the only artists to represent #RealDJing behind the decks. But A-Trak isn’t the only turntablist who’s turned from hip hop to electronic music. A new collaboration between DC’s Enferno and NYC’s Shiftee, E.A.S.Y., has been established to start a shift in the way we think about DJs and the concept of live performance.

The duo’s #LiveRemix parody of Andy Samberg’s Saturday Night Live skit “When Will the Bass Drop” that went viral this past summer fires a warning shot at their less tactical peers.

E.A.S.Y. use what was originally a neg at the entire DJ culture and flip it on itself to show that there’s always an opportunity for DJs to do more than “press play.”

This is some next level turntable and controllerism.

Grab E.A.S.Y.’s “Fly Away” for free today.