Pierce Fulton – Kuaga/Noon Gun (Original Mixes)IMG 7024

Pierce Fulton – Kuaga/Noon Gun (Original Mixes)

2014 was the year that Pierce Fulton went global. Past the dotted international live landmarks and that marker remix for Above & Beyond’s “Sticky Fingers,” the young upstart lands back at Cr2 Records this month for the next two-strong installment from North America’s quirkiest big room contender. The lead-heavy and uplifting strife of “Kuaga” is that playful yet poignant panache that has separated Fulton from the heard and set welcome markers in the identity still available to the crowded genre. Leaning further on the middle grounds of progressive composure and fleet footed electro, “Noon Gun” bridges the boxes of coherent and creative that Fulton’s short-playing output has consistently ticked to date. Listening to this double-track offering is like listening to the future unfold in front of you whilst simultaneously having your faith in the industry’s next generation restored. It marks a perfectly rounded return from North America’s next undeniable electronic dance virtuoso.

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