Boys Noize offers ominous original ‘Alarm’ for new German filmBoys Noize Alarm Artwork

Boys Noize offers ominous original ‘Alarm’ for new German film

Alex Ridha, best known as German electro/techno magnate Boys Noize has moved into a slightly different role for his latest production. For his latest, Boys Noize delivers a new film score to accompany a big-screen thriller. The tune comes in tandem with a new German film about the seedy underworld of cyber-hacking titled Who Am I, and although the track wasn’t designed for the massive rave setting that Boys Noize’s music usually thrives in, “Alarm” would probably fit right in anyway.

The tune is a brooding, dark techno production that rounds up the best of Boys Noize with a moody, minimalist beat. Ridha’s latest is an eerie rendition that likely fits the film’s motif perfectly, however the track could easily and effectively tie into any Boys Noize set with its sharp drum arrangement and robotic synth shrills throughout. “Alarm” is a jaggedly-cut, tech-inspired output that follows up his Octave Minds release with this new film-accentuating selection.

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