Drop Out Orchestra break up, release final reworkMylo Drop The Pressure Drop Out Orchestra Rework

Drop Out Orchestra break up, release final rework

Many veteran dance music fans remember Mylo‘s 2004 album Destroy Rock & Roll as one of the most exciting, influential, and unforgettable releases of the early 2000s. Though every track was a certified gem, it’s singles like “In My Arms,” “Destroy Rock & Roll,” and “Drop The Pressure” that still get stuck in our heads on random days ten years later. But as desperately as his fans want a sophomore record, Mylo still hasn’t recorded another studio album.

So it’s quite fitting that Drop Out Orchestra have chosen to rework the album’s lead single, “Drop The Pressure,” for their final release. The duo posted the track a few hours ago and announced their breakup in the description.

Drop Out Orchestra is no more!
It’s been one helluva ride, and we’ve had so much more fun than we could ever dream of. BUT – we’ve decided to go separate ways, quit while we’re ahead, and all that.
We would like to thank everyone who came out to party with us, everyone who listened to our music and of course… Alberto!
So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good night.

Drop Out Orchestra do here what they’ve done so many times: take a great song and make it slightly funkier and a touch groovier. And though it’s heartbreaking to see them go, we’re enormously thankful for the edits, reworks, dubs, originals, collaborations, mixes, and live sets that Drop Out Orchestra blessed us with over the years.



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