EEKKOO invites you down the rabbit hole with the ‘Hell Is Other People’ EPEekkoo Side Press

EEKKOO invites you down the rabbit hole with the ‘Hell Is Other People’ EP

What started as a subtle deadmau5 endorsement on Soundcloud has since blossomed into one of the most exciting careers to come out of the mau5trap imprint since its creator brought it to life. EEKKOO, the Canadian talent who earned his first BBC play for his remix of deadmau5 and Wolfgang Gartner’s “Channel 42” returns to the limelight with the release of his second EP, Hell is Other People. Inspired by the existential horrors of Sartre’s “No Exit,” EEKKOO’s sophomore effort crafts a bleak tapestry of melancholy vocals and mechanical shivers throughout the 5-track experiment. “Elysium” opens the album accompanied by a Sailor & I delivered top line that embodies the haunting foreshadowing of the Greek afterlife.

“B.L.A.C.K.” travels deeper down the rabbit hole, shunning any familiarity for a menacing gauntlet of progressive techno and an ever-present metronome of iron-clad percussion.

Track three, appropriately named “Dom Cobb,” is a twisted, acid-trip deep into EEKKOO’s own unsettling psyche. A nod to the film Inception, it effortlessly inspires movement with an irresistible swing and almost agitative tension.

The EP’s title track is a dark and bubbling brew of strange synth work and frantic stabs, accompanied by nothing but the robotic mantra “Hell Is Other People” broadcast at a cryptic cadence.

EEKKOO rounds out his sophomore effort (and mau5trap debut) with “Skeptic,” a track so impressively produced it’s name is more of a misnomer. So hellish it’s unsettling, one listen will change the mind of any EEKKOO skeptic.

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