Waze & Odyssey – Bump & Grind (Le Youth Remix)Waze Odyssey Bump Grind 2014

Waze & Odyssey – Bump & Grind (Le Youth Remix)

Waze & Odyssey‘s “Bump & Grind” felt like every DJ’s favorite song when it first dropped more than two years ago. And though it certainly got a decent amount of shine, it undoubtedly deserved more. So since house is finally taking over the airwaves stateside, the LA-based DJs have repackaged the track for 2014. A video popped up in August, and now we have a remix from rising star Le Youth. His version is quite possibly the most aggressive track we’ve heard from him to date, and it’s not hard to imagine him angrily smashing his keyboard to create these sounds. But that’s not to say that his remix isn’t beautiful; it’s every bit as warm, melodic, and infectious as we’ve come to expect from Le Youth.


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