BT Kickstarts new album with live orchestraEs

BT Kickstarts new album with live orchestra

Given his history as a film composer and technologist, it seemed almost natural when producer BT announced he would be using a live classical orchestra on his new album. Titled Electronic Opus, the work is slated as a “unique and immersive electronic symphonic album project” and will feature the most beloved tunes from the trance legend’s catalog, re-arranged and remixed with a symphony orchestra. Inspired by his passion for blending technology and music, BT teamed up with award-winning composer Tommy Tallarico to bring his vision to life. While only a few unfinished mock-ups of the album’s sound structure have been released, they hint at a truly groundbreaking project within the music community.

“This collaboration is an acoustical merging of tradition and technology, not simply symphonic versions of popular EDM songs,” says Tommy Tallarico, who serves as the creative director and executive producer of Electronic Opus. “This ‘electronic symphonic’ collaboration reinvents what a 21st century symphonic experience can be: incredible high-energy, melodic electronic music from one of the top artists in the field blended with the artistic and cultural merits of a full symphony.”

Ironically enough, the legendary producer BT says the record company executives didn’t take the project seriously at first. “They don’t believe that people who listen to electronic music would fully appreciate the symphony experience and vice versa,” he says. “With Electronic Opus we’re looking to prove music lovers of all types will embrace this new form of orchestra experience.”

The album is predicted to take just over two full studio days to record, which can typically cost up to $75,000. Now factor in CD manufacturing (about $7,500), PR services (about $15,000), and funds to pay for the arranging, orchestrating, copying and printing of the orchestral arrangements (about $40,000) – and that’s not even scratching the surface of expenses. Overall, the duo estimates a total cost somewhere in the ball bark of $225,000.

Without the backing of a major label, it’s an extremely daunting amount, which is why BT and Tallarico have turned to Kickstarter to help fund the project.

To make this dream a reality we need the help of our entire community,” says BT.

If you’d like to donate money to help fund Electronic Opus, you can do so here.

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